Four Quartets, Vol. III: The Dry Salvages

by The Fire and The Rose

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Written and recorded by The Fire and The Rose. Mixed and mastered by Dustin Stout and The Fire and The Rose. Artwork by Jason Baltazar.


released January 31, 2016

Dr. Michael Campbell
Ronnie Lohr
Zac Newbrey
Landen Williams
Joe Woodward



all rights reserved


The Fire and The Rose Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Track Name: Boss Fight
What's real when there's no make believe?
These dreams that haunt me with open eyes
But I was there
I held her body

The dead will rise
If I could just die to make you alive
Then I would let you devour my mind
I've got nothing left here but sacrifice

This place where we trade blood for blood
Will be without air
We'll open eyes to find the sky
Face down upon us

The dead will rise
If I have to die to make you alive
Then I will let you devour my mind
But I've got no faith left in sacrifice.
Track Name: The Devil Runs A Tight Ship
All we see now is broken light
Casting shadows into the night
Hidden monsters between the trees
The fear cuts through you into me

Every now that it matters when
Words to bring back a long lost friend
Pages torn from a bitter mind
Hoping somehow to find the time

Is this what makes you holy?
Is this what makes you divine?

Hoping to find the time
Wrecking my own design

I could stay here for the rest of my life.
Track Name: Somehow
Full of words that never come
Empty stars above
Burning out into the space
Somehow never reach you
But spinning backward overcome
The silent voice of indecision

I'll never let the ceiling touch the ground
I'll only try to get lost to be found

Another sheet of paper
Another ember left to die
Another instant premonition
Never drop the sorrow
Never let me let you down
Never be this petrified

If I said I'd find a way
Would you follow?
If I said there'd be a day
But not tomorrow
Not tomorrow
And not today.
Track Name: The Death of Sleep
We held on so long
To belief we knew was wrong
And the lines we trace all around us
The lines that hold off the truth

What I'd like to say
To change everything
To have another day
I'd give anything for you

We held on so long

Wake up, wake up
Darling baby, won't you
Wake up, wake up?
Please come back to me.