Four Quartets, Vol. IV: Little Gidding

by The Fire and The Rose

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released January 4, 2017

Written, recorded, mixed and mastered by The Fire and The Rose. Artwork by Jason Baltazar.

Jonathan Buonocore
Dr. Michael Campbell
Ronnie Lohr
Zac Newbrey
Joe Woodward



all rights reserved


The Fire and The Rose Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Track Name: Koan
Dream of a day
With the morning sunlight shining on my face
Had to be, had to stay
In the morning sunlight, life can be okay

We don't need this anymore.
Track Name: Hallucigenia, Pt. 1
A: "I've got it!"
B: Okie Noodlin
C: "Follow the weird naked indian."
D: Steven (In A Dream or While Sleeping)
Track Name: Hallucigenia, Pt. 2
E: King California

What do you do when the world comes crashing down
And the faces that you thought you knew
Were just hazy reflections of fate
Frozen inside the icy walls you've built around you
To shut out the sadness of constructive sight
And a promise broken deep inside
A world that resolved to destroy you
And your mind was always open to being taken

I watched you shake their hands

I tried to keep you here beside me
I tried to keep you here alive
But as you turned away
You never heard me say goodbye
I watched you shake their hands

All these lights inside my head
I'll never get far enough away
I can feel your eyelids burn

In my mind, I tried to fight
For you and your mind
I held out my hand
And I watched as you sank beneath the ice

F: Denouement

Is everything to be the size of me?
It's not me you wanted to see
Lost inside a frozen sea
Please don't put your faith in me
Choose to burn and be set free
Burn your way right back to me.

G: The Doom
Track Name: Sakai
If we could only see beyond our eyes
It rains forever in our eyes
And I don't need this to light my way
So that I can see your face
Drenched in darkness
Soaked in pain
I haven't got anything to gain
By watching your delusions die
But it's something more than screaming at the sky

What makes you think I'd die for this?
I never said I'd die for this

There are no reasons left to stay
Just things to say before I go
Don't hold out your hand
I'm not here to be your friend
I'm only here to watch you drown
I'm only here to hold your head down
I'll help you drown

I thought you always knew
That I never wanted to save you.