Four Quartets, Vol. I: Burnt Norton

by The Fire and The Rose

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Written and recorded by The Fire and The Rose. Mixed and mastered by Dustin Stout. Artwork by Jason Baltazar.


released February 14, 2015

Dr. Michael Campbell
Ronnie Lohr
Zac Newbrey
Landen Williams



all rights reserved


The Fire and The Rose Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Track Name: Tied To The Mast
Say anything to ease your mind
But the light above your head is fading out
Cold fingers wrapped around your throat
Brilliant colors lighting up your eyes

Oh to be
Lost at sea
Oh to be

Forgive the liars and the thieves
Desperation comes from everywhere from everyone I meet
When we were young, you used to say
I need you here as a reminder of when I was not afraid

Oh to be
Lost in sleep
Oh to be

To save my life, I've rearranged my mind
The ocean swell, for me it's just as well
Oh to be
Lost at sea
Oh to be.
Track Name: Doorslammers
What's mine is mine

I found you in the bathtub sleeping
Curled up into a little ball
White light to keep you warm for the evening
White porcelain to break your fall

I've given everything that I have ever had to give
It's not enough

And I don't mind a fear of trying
But I can't stand to hear you say
What's mine is mine
There's nothing left now
I'm turning myself away
What's mine is mine.
Track Name: Bring The Kids
A story of our youth, a fairytale
A friend without a use, some might say
That everything we ever had he took
It's not in what we found, you never looked

I will turn you down
I will turn you around

And if I should refuse a sacred plan
A surrogate abuse, a baby grand
To play with dirty fingers when you choose
A melody in which I always lose

I will be waiting for no one to carry me home
I will be waiting for no one to bury me
Carry me home

I'll disappear
I'll become nothing.
Track Name: Futile Assassination Device
All the endings to the stories that we knew
A pattern of moments
The different shades of blue and me and you

Find me a dream where I know to turn to the right
Build me an empire made of tin and fear
And a thousand points of light

You can't kill me that way
I was always meant for this life
You need me here for your creation
Without me, you don't exist

It's not a question of one or the other
It's not a number you can divide
It's everything and nothing

It's a song that you cannot learn to sing
It's a breath but there's never time to breathe
It's the only way
It's the only way

Without me, you don't exist.